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20 Beautiful Ancient Towns with Spring Beauty – Go with Your lover Part 1

Ancient Towns-1 - ChineseWishes

The most beautiful April day, only the Spring is the most Attractive!  There is always a quiet time in life, After a while, slow down, really want to take you to live in the town for a few days! Daze, meditate, share silence.

Xitang Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 1 - ChineseWishes

The rain and rain promenade, the essence of Xitang, the old porch, and the depth of the hall, seem to have entered a long history.

Ancient Towns 2 - ChineseWishes

Under the gallery, listen to the sound of rain ticking, get inside, find the first romance, or ride a boat and watch the busy people on the shore.

Nanxun Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 3 - ChineseWishes

The Nanxun in the early spring is different from the flowers in the summer. It is not like the coldness in the autumn.

Ancient Towns 4 - ChineseWishes

Walk through Nanxun Old Street. The tile-roofed houses are green, earthy grey walls. Pieces of tidy and orderly tiles are arranged in order on the wooden shelves, neither monotonous nor boring.

Luzhi Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 5 - ChineseWishes

The ancient town of Luzhi is known as the “Ting of the Five Lakes” and the “Punching of Liuze”. It was praised by Fei Xiaotong as “the first water town in China”.

Ancient Towns 6 - ChineseWishes

This is a gentle place where you can walk along the path to the bluestone steps. You can also listen to the boatmen to tell the story here.

Shendu Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 7 - ChineseWishes

In Shendu Town, there is a section of “Oriental Danube River” called Xin’an River. In the spring, golden canola blossoms, dotted between mountains and green waters, and the ancient Huizhou residences on the banks, together form the beautiful Bai’an Gallery of Xin’anjiang.

Ancient Towns 8 - ChineseWishes

Maybe at this moment, I just want to be a fisherman quietly, and make the sunset and sunrise, the morning bell drums, leisurely being in fields.

Yi County

Ancient Towns 9 - ChineseWishes

The combination of beautiful landscapes and ancient buildings combined the people into the Li county, which seems to step into the beautiful landscapes and galleries as well as the museums of classical architecture.

Ancient Towns 10 - ChineseWishes

Tang Xianzu’s eternal sing of “a lifelong delusion, no dream to Huizhou” tells the world of fairyland, which is such a quiet and peaceful appearance.

Danba Tibetan Village

Ancient Towns 11 - ChineseWishes

This is a hidden paradise hidden deep in the Hengduan Mountain Range. It has an infinitely beautiful valley of beauty and tranquil rural homes.

Ancient Towns 12 - ChineseWishes

Watching the villagers gossip under the bustling trees, the time is quiet, this is life should be.

Shaxi Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 13 - ChineseWishes

This is a dream-seeking place, a place to calm down and slow down time. Its leisure will make you feel as if there are a lot of time you can squander.

Ancient Towns 14 - ChineseWishes

Shaxi Ancient Town is a true ancient town with an antique atmosphere and still retains its original architectural features. Ancient theaters, ancient temples, old red stone streets… all tell the story of its long history.

Shuhe Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 15 - ChineseWishes

The ancient town of Shuhe is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and its structural layout is similar to that of Dayan Ancient Town. The houses are well-distributed, the roads are filled with water, and the environment is ancient and quiet.

Ancient Towns 16 - ChineseWishes

You don’t have to worry about the subway that usually not getting in, worry about the mountainous documents on your table, just enjoy the beautiful scenery of the flowers and birds here.

Xijiang Miao Village

Ancient Towns 17 - ChineseWishes

Mr. Yu Qiuyu once expressed his love for the Xijiang Miao Village: answer everything with beauty and see Xijiang know the Miao Village in the world.

Ancient Towns 18 - ChineseWishes

Every place on the street here is your best background. Every picture can make you beautiful and fresh.


Ancient Towns 19 - ChineseWishes

There is a fairyland in the world, and it has not been known for a long time. It may be appropriate to describe Bingzhongluo.

Ancient Towns 20 - ChineseWishes

There are snow-capped mountains, pastoral areas, Tibetan style, and European tranquility. Legend has it that this is a blessed place where people and gods live together. This is Bingzhongluo.

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