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20 Beautiful Ancient Towns with Spring Beauty – Go with Your lover Part 2

Ancient Towns-2 - ChineseWishes

Hope time passes slowly, and you can always watch me smile. Would like to stay in the quiet ancient town. We all have a quiet and slow times and enjoy this life!

Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 21 - ChineseWishes

Many people say that the time in the Phoenix is like a dream. They do not want to wake up and silently use its unmoving power to attract travelers from the South and the South.

Ancient Towns 22 - ChineseWishes

Have you ever thought of such a place, close to your imagination. This kind of indifferent ancient city, after years of washing precipitation, becoming exactly the way you enjoy.

Changting Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 23 - ChineseWishes

Half a century ago, Louise Elias once said, “China has two of the most beautiful towns, one is Hunan Phoenix and the other is Changting, Fujian.”

Ancient Towns 24 - ChineseWishes

Changting has the beauty of the hometown of Phoenix, and is quieter than the Phoenix. It preserves more original scenery.

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 25 - ChineseWishes

Look at the bridges, listen to the boat oars, and the sound of Wu songs, Zhouzhuang this picture slowly open on this.

Ancient Towns 26 - ChineseWishes

Zhouzhuang has preserved 14 ancient bridges with different characteristics. Together they have constructed a beautiful landscape painting of “small bridges, flowing water, and people”. Listening to a Kunqu opera here and having a taste of “old lady” tea.

Wuyuan Ancient Village

Ancient Towns 27 - ChineseWishes

Far from the urban hustle and bustle, here has the sound of dogs and horses, the graceful grace of Wuyuan, and the Hui emblem. Enjoyed in this quiet and harmonious landscape painting, sink and do not want to leave.

Ancient Towns 28 - ChineseWishes

The grass is tying its seeds, and the wind is shaking its leaves. We stand here without speaking. It is very beautiful.

Huangyao Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 29 - ChineseWishes

The ancient town of Huangyao has a long history and has been praised by the outside world as the “little Guilin dream home.” When people inadvertently pass through the ancient town of Huang Yao, this beautiful chapter is opened, and the simple and elegant style has thus conquered the hearts of the people.

Ancient Towns 30 - ChineseWishes

The ancient town of Huang Yao seems to stand quietly in the depths of time, without a little noise, quietly walking through all seasons.

Weishan Ancient City

Ancient Towns 31 - ChineseWishes

Some people say that here is Dali 20 years ago. There is always a kind of Sunday atmosphere in the city and it is known as “the last land of Yunnan for a daze life.”

Ancient Towns 32 - ChineseWishes

This lost ancient capital, which was neglected for many years, is still the birthplace of that distant country, the country of Nanzhao, and it has a time stamp of thousands of years.

Chikan Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 33 - ChineseWishes

Into the ancient town, as if into the depths of history, every corner can hear the echo of the years.

Ancient Towns 34 - ChineseWishes

Walking on the streets here, I couldn’t bear to speak loudly, fearing to disturb the beautiful scenery.

Tongli Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 35 - ChineseWishes

“The township of mellow water, the old Jiangnan” can be said to be the characteristic of Tongli. Because of the water garden, every family is near the water, and every household has a boat.

Ancient Towns 36 - ChineseWishes

The flowers are eager to open up and give a tender feeling to this gentle water village.

Jinxi Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 37 - ChineseWishes

The Old green stone road, architectures along the river, the river in morning fog, and people’s mutual greetings, all have preserved the taste of the most primitive Jiangnan. If no visitors, the old town she is partial peace, quietly exudes charm.

Ancient Towns 38 - ChineseWishes

Compared to the fame of Wuzhen and Zhouzhuang, there are not many people who know this place. She is like a sleeping girl who quietly exudes tenderness.

Dali Ancient City

Ancient Towns 39 - ChineseWishes

In the garden, flowers are buzzing, birds are singing, and outdoor canals are flowing. The scene of “three room with one well, a few pots of flowers in every house” remains.

Ancient Towns 40 - ChineseWishes

Encountering an old woman selling beautiful flowers, that may be a little lucky.

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