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Bedroom Feng Shui – Seven Taboos for Bedroom Decoration

1. Mirror Should Not Be Facing The Bed

Any side of the bed with a mirror facing is unfavorable. In addition to affecting health and marital relations, it can affect wealth, children and so on. Especially at the end of the bed, you can’t hang the mirror. Because this mirror is like a “lighting mirror”, it will make people in the room emotionally upset. To install a mirror in your bedroom, it is best to be in a more concealed position.

2. The Front side of Bed Should Not Be Close to The Stove

If the bedroom is attached to the kitchen, the bed should not be placed close to the stove. Because the kitchen is a “fire”, it is easy to make people sick or nervous and angry.

3. Beds Avoid Being under The Beams

Beds should not be placed under the wall cabinet, beams or hanging lighting. Failure to do so may result in diseases such as headaches, joint pain, or impaired reputation.

4. The Bedhead Should Not Be Facing The Door

If the bed is facing the front door or the door of the bedroom, Feng Shui is called “door rush”, which makes people sleepy and easy to have nightmares or hallucinations.

5. The Light in The Bedroom Should Be Soft

If the light in the bedroom is too strong, it is easy for people to have a bad temper; if the light is too dark, it is easy to bring about melancholy emotions.

6. Avoid Gaps after The Bedhead

The bed should be close to the wall or the real thing, there must be no gaps, and the feng shui calls this as “backing.” Otherwise, it is easy to produce illusions, pessimism, and serious people may lead to schizophrenia.

7. Suite’s Bathroom Door Should Be Often Closed

In a suite-style bedroom, the toilet door should be often closed or covered with a screen. Otherwise, the couple will be prone to extramarital affairs, which is called “flooding peach blossom” in the wind and water, or lead to financial loss.

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