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Breakfast When Sunrise Documentary – Beijing Episode

Beijing’s traditional morning snacks have been passed down to the present, like a biscuit or a bean juice, all the snacks are particularly made.

Lamb Pancake

Song Jun is the owner of a lamb pancake shop. His lamb pancake shop is run from his grandfather.

The texture of the lamb is an important guarantee for his family’s lamb pancake. The owner, Song Jun, has always used the “slipping sheep” from Inner Mongolia which sheep is put on the mountain. Due to the increase in cost, the herdsmen who have supplied lamb for more than ten years have raised the demand for price increases.

The discussion was fruitless, Song Jun could only make up the difference by himself, but he chose not to increase the price of the pancake in the store, because he believed that it was not only the taste but also the authenticity passed down from generation to generation.

Beijing snacks can not only carry the exquisite taste of the palace snacks, but also include the home-cooking of fried liver and bean juice.

Oil Sugar Pancake

Bean Juice

(Photos are all from the documentary)

Feng Shui Is A Very
Breakfast When Sunri


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