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Chengdu, There Are 1000 Ways to Make You Fall in Love with It (Part 1)

Chengdu - ChineseWishes

People who have been to Chengdu cannot help but sigh: There are 1000 ways you would love Chengdu!

It has thousands of beautiful scenery to let keep people stay;

People can have thousands of experiences there and don’t want to leave;

It has thousands of foods and snacks that people can not forget their tastes.

Kuanzhai Alley – You can say it is commercial, but you can’t say it is not Chengdu Style

Chengdu 1 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 膺镹

Kuanzhai Alley is the epitome of old Chengdu. There is no shortage of places to feel the customs of Chengdu.

Chengdu 2 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 城南那亩田

Going into the alley, there are authentic Sichuan cuisines, and there are old folk scenes in Chengdu.

Chengdu 4 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 愿安然

You can have a cup of Mengshan yellow-bud tea there, and play the Longmen arra with the old man beside you.

Chengdu 5 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 猪猪侠325

You can also call a “Ear Cleaning Man” and comfortably enjoy the comfort of cleaning your ears.

Chengdu 6 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by HHHHan-Z

You can also sit by the roadside snack stall, taste an array of foods and snacks in front of you and enjoy the delicacy.

Chengdu 7 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 彭鑫

Point Drunk, White Nights, Huli and other wine bars are full of Chengdu’s fashion sense, and bloom its charm at night.

Jinli Ancient Street – Full of nostalgic emotions, people can meet their appetite there

Chengdu 8 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by wonster

Chengdu 9 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 白岸sky

Jinli Ancient Street is like the temperament of Chengdu people. It is filled with the noisy and randomness of Chengdu’s market.

Chengdu 10 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 蛋撻

Here, you can admire clay figurines, sugar paintings, and shops in the stores with unique features of the Three Kingdoms.

Chengdu 12 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 藝婷

Drink a tea and taste a snack, watch face-change Sichuan opera, buy some local specialties and small souvenirs, that kind of feeling is simply happy.

Chengdu 13 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 悠哉日常包子

In the darkness, shops on the street are more vivid and conspicuous. Even street bars and teppanyaki and other snack shops float out of colored smoke.

People’s Park: Drinking tea in a daze and enjoying the sun. Feel free and easy life.

Chengdu 15 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by osaka

Chengdu 16 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 风之语520

People’s Park is one of the places where people in Chengdu drink tea leisurely. Only by seeing the People’s Park you can really realize the correct way to open the  door of “leisure recreation capital”.

Chengdu 17 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 风之语520

When the sun shines, the park is always full of people enjoying the sun, reading books and playing mahjong. Very pleasant.

Chengdu 18 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by Appel

Find a teahouse, order a cup of tea, read a book in the afternoon, chat with friends, and you can find that life can be so simple and happy.

Chunxi Road – Shopping malls, eating snacks, looking beautiful ladies.

Chengdu 22 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by人生海海海海海海海

Chengdu 19 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 时间追白马

Outsiders come to Chengdu, if you do not stroll Chunxi Road, it is like when in Beijing you do not go to Wangfujing, when in Shanghai you do not go to Nanjing Road, and this will be a regret.

Chengdu 20 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 无闷

As the most prosperous commercial street in Chengdu, Chunxi Road has always been an important place for rich Chengdu people to play and have fun. It also inherits the city’s unique cultural temperament.

Chengdu 21 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 无闷

On the Chunxi road, looking for delicious food and looking at beautiful ladies, this beautiful pedestrian street will always give you a pleasant feeling.

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