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Chengdu, There Are 1000 Ways to Make You Fall in Love with It (Part 2)

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Although 1000 people may have 1000 ways to have fun, but Chengdu must have 1000 ways to let you fall in love with it.

Chengdu is a city where you go and you would not want to leave.

Wait for meeting someone who would go to Chengdu together.

Enjoy The Pleasure of Cleaning Your Ears

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Chengdu people have make the enjoyment to the extreme. If you didn’t personally experience the cleaning ear service, you would not know how comfortable your ears could be.

Watch The Authentic Face-change Opera

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Sichuan Opera is a feature of Sichuan culture, and changing face is a unique feature of Sichuan Opera art. It is superb and lively and interesting. When you come to Chengdu, why not experience its charm?

Have Fun with Chinese National Treasure Panda

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Sichuan is the hometown of giant pandas. To come to Chengdu, you must visit the panda base and look at the lovely giant pandas. Then buy cute panda dolls from the panda theme store and give them to your children.

Take A Taste of Authentic Chengdu Hot-pot

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Hot pot has become almost another symbol of Chengdu. Whether you can or can not eat spicy, dare or don’t dare to eat spicy, for the atmosphere of hot pot, you should experience the authentic Chengdu hot pot.

Get Drunk in The Highest  Bar

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Chengdu people call getting drunk as “drinking rotten wine”, Jiuyan bridge has always been the most lively place in Chengdu at night, people sing and dance beside the river, and this would definitely leave you unforgettable memories.

Go to Xiangheli to See Various kinds of foods.

Chengdu is a city that makes people fat because of its foods. There is always a food street that you would love. I can think of the touch words, probably “I want to be with you and eat all over Chengdu!”

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If you like to live slowly, then Chengdu must be one of best choice for you.

The moment you step into the city, you will always slow down and notice the surrounding scenery.

If you are a food lover, then Chengdu will definitely satisfy you.

From to civilian cuisine to five-star dishes, you can find all you want to eat in the Chengdu various streets.

Chengdu is such a city: The alley is full of contentment and comfort feeling; the sculptures made by craftsmen are beautiful and delicate; the various delicacies, all of these attract every one of you and me.

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