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The Crescent Moon Spring in Desert

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Crescent Moon Spring Scenic Area is located 5 kilometers south of Dunhuang City, Gansu Province. The ancient “manhole” was called 7 km south of Mingsha Mountain in the north. It is 218 meters long from east to west, 54 meters wide from north to south, and has an average water depth of about 5 meters. The spring shape forced the crescent moon to go round.
Inside the spring there are eye grass and Chara plants. The south bank has dense reeds surrounded by quicksand. In spite of strong winds, the springs are not covered by sand. It is a spectacle because of “springs and moons, and dust,” and “the ancient sand is not filled with springs and the springs are not exhausted.”

Throughout the ages, the marvellous landscape of “Sand-spring coexistence and sand-water symbiosis” is known to the world as “one of the highlights of the scenery”, and in 1994 it was designated as a national key scenic spot.

Crescent Moon Spring is surrounded by Mingsha Mountain. It is named because it resembles a crescent moon. Since the Han Dynasty, it has been one of the eight Dunhuang sights. It was called “Shajing”, also known as “Mei Quan,” and was once rumored as “Dianchi”. The Qing Dynasty was named “Crescent Spring”. An area of 0.88 hectares, an average depth of about 3 meters, water quality, clear, as a mirror. For thousands of years sand springs have not been buried, and they are located in arid deserts where the spring water is not polluted. Real numbers are rare. Within the spring star grass with awns, iron fish drum waves, mountains and rivers of light contrast, the scenery is very beautiful. Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring are twin sisters in the desert Gobi. Visitors to this point, whether from the bird’s eye view, or stroll along the spring, will be full of fascination, thinking all over the world, there is indeed “Ming Sha Shan Yi Ye, Crescent Moon Spring Washing” feeling.

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This is a capillary phenomenon of groundwater. Such springs are mostly distributed in the areas of limestone, karst areas in the dolomite area, underground rivers and karst lakes. There is a kind of vein-like pores in the rock and soil layers. When the bottom of the pore “tube” contacts the groundwater, the groundwater will rise along the pore “pipe” due to the pressure of the groundwater itself and the infiltration and siphon of the pore “pipe”. And overflow into springs.

Crescent Moon Lake is like a quiet young lady, who has stood by Mingsha Mountain for thousands of years.

Mingsha Mountain, Crescent Moon Spring and the art landscape of Mogao Grottoes are integrated into one another. It is a “two must” connected to the south of Dunhuang. It has become a tourist attraction for people in China and even the world. The Crescent Moon Spring, the old manhole, and the famous drug spring, since the Han Dynasty Chaoqi is one of the “Dunhuang Eight Scenes” and its name is “Yuequan Xiao Che”. Crescent Lake Springs is nearly 100 meters long from north to south, east-west width is about 25 meters, the spring is deep and shallow, about 5 meters deepest, curved like a new moon, hence the name, “the first spring in the desert,” said. Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring Scenic Area is located in Dunhuang City, west of the Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province.

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