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Daocheng, it’s good to meet you!

Daocheng - ChineseWishes

If you don’t know that Tibet does not know anything about being holy and you don’t know anything about paradise in Xinjiang, then you will go to Daocheng, Sichuan. You can enjoy the beauty of Xinjiang and experience the holy of Tibet.

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The beauty of Tibet is in need of worship. The beauty of Xinjiang can be integrated, and the beauty of Daocheng Yading is suffocating… Daocheng brings together all the scenery you can not imagine. You can easily release your feelings in this grassland, lakes, forests, and snow-capped mountains. Enjoy intoxication.

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Daocheng County is located in the south of Ganzi Prefecture in Sichuan Province and is located in the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The average elevation of the scenic area is about 3,000 meters. It is one of the most intact and primitive alpine natural ecosystems in China and is the core of the Shangri-La Ecological Tourism Zone in China. The folk customs here are simple, the people are industrious and kind, and the hospitality is full of rich atmosphere of high altitude.

Red Grass – Enthusiasm, Like Fairy Falling Rouge

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This is a touch of red, like a burning flame! The river flows silently through it. Echoing the gorgeous poplar forest in the distance, there is a suffocating beauty! The seasonality of Hong Cao Tan is very strong. It only appears in autumn every year, and the time is very short. Only ten days (in early October) can be seen.

Xian Nai Ri – God Mountain to Achieve Desire

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The Tibetan language means “Avalokitesvara” and is the first of the three god mountains. It is said that as long as three times to worship the mountain, you can realize your heart’s desire. Every step you take is like being in a fairyland on earth, the sun is falling, and the whole mountain is wrapped in golden yellow.

Yangmai Yong – Quiet and Dignified, Clean Young Girl

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The white crystals of Yang Maoyong stood proudly between heaven and earth, pointing at the sky and the magnificent momentum of the people. Under the mountain, the broad valley is like a jade belt. It surrounds the mountain of God, the lush deep forest, the blooming meadow of wildflowers, and the meandering stream at the foot of the snow-capped mountains against the spectacular peaks.

Sano Dorje – A Vigorous, Resolute, Brilliant Boy

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Sindo Dorje is like a giant pyramid. Glaciers, rocks, or one of Shino Dorje’s highlights are the peaks and rocks that make people wonder about nature’s magic.

Pearl Sea – The Holy Lake Embraced by The Mountains

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The mirror-like Pearl Sea is particularly sacred in the embrace of Xiannai Mountain. Under the sunlight, Pearl Lake is sparkling. The view of the mountain and lakeside is reflected in the pure pearl lake, as if there is another world underwater.

Milk Sea – Emerald in Mount Kinabalu

Daocheng 10 - ChineseWishes

Qingying’s milk sea is surrounded by mountains. The color of the lake is from black to green and blue, and it looks like a green gem embedded in the mountains. Standing by the lake, watching this mysterious and beautiful lake, as if in a dream.

Daocheng-Aden, a holy place that has been visited at least once in a lifetime!

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