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Breakfast When Sunrise Documentary – Yunnan Episode

This documentary  mainly introduces the local breakfast food culture in different provinces. The protagonist of this documentary is not from a professional chef. All the restaurant are selected from the streets, but those food also has a taste.

Little Pot Rice Noodle

In Yunnan province, the rice noodles are not only the bridge rice noodles we know well, but also fried, boiled and other kinds of rice noodles. And you can have no-repeated rice noodle for a month.

Customized Little Pot Rice Noodle

In Kunming city, Li Yufeng’s ‘small pot custom rice noodle’ does not have any special ingredients, includes sauerkraut, leeks and meat.

However, in order to ensure the quality of the ingredients, the owner closes the door at 2 pm every day, and drives to Chenggong which is 40 to 50 kilometers away, and selected the fresh ingredients for the next day.

(Po Su) Crisp Flat Cake

In Xizhou, Dali city, the ancient architecture and cozy lifestyle have created a life-like habit of the locals. The tradition and openness of the blend creates a unique breakfast flavor.

Po Su (Broken Crisp) is a unique pasta cooking method in Yungui area. Xizhou Crisp is one of the most proud foods of the local people.

Sweet, salty, adding meat and egg, different flavors have various tastes.

Du Fangming, who has been a crispy cake cook for 17 years, has dreamed of traveling around, but making the crispy cake on the street has become the reason why he can’t live without his hometown.

The ancient city of Dali is a place where many ethnic groups gather. There are more than 30 kinds of breakfast here. The love of rice foods here is fully reflected in breakfast.

The most special of these breakfasts is the Laoshan Huoba (pā) meat noodle. The Huoba meat refers to the state in which the meat is boiled and very soft.

With a history of 1,300 years, Huoba meat needs more than 12 months of foreleg meat to be roasted with charcoal fire to reduce excess oil, and the fire and time of cooking are only known to the experienced producers.

Long Stick Noodle

In the ancient city of Dali, one long and continuous stick noodle symbolizes the longevity and reunion

Old people and children would eat a bowl of long stick noodle for their birthdays.

Even if there is already machine production, the owner Yang Lan still insists on making it by hand.

Er Si Thread Noodle

Tengchong is the birthplace of Yunnan Er Si thread noodle. The Er Si thread noodle is the noodle made from rice, but it is more delicate and sweet than the ordinary rice noodles.

The Er Si thread noodle has different names depending on the method of cooking. The Er Si thread noodle that is cooked with the broth is called “large processing”.

Stir-fry thread noodle is called ‘Great Rescue’

Hot-pot Er Si thread noodle

In either case, the raw material of the Er Si Thread noodle is the key to the delicate taste.

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