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Chinese Feng Shui and Human Life Informatics

Humanity is the master of the earth, the essence of the universe, and the eternal life of all things. Everything we have studied includes modern feng shui. It is for people. It is all for mankind. It makes mankind live a healthier, better and more comfortable life on this planet.

However, human beings are influenced by various factors and information and energy in the Earth and the universe. To study the laws of these energy and information effects on human life, and to find out methods for gaining benefits, avoiding harm, and avoiding evils, we must study the law of the human body’s study of human life information.

The human body is the most advanced organic living body composed of various chemical elements. The human body itself constantly produces a variety of information and energy; these information energy must be coordinated with the natural world’s information and energy in order to achieve a harmonious resonance effect. Good survival and development.

The traditional feng shui theory holds that each individual’s life individual has its own different “lifestyle.” Explained using the words of human informatics: Every human body has its own different life information, energy, and different combinations. These different “lifestyles” or different life information energy states are connected and exchanged with different points and different natural energy information, which will produce different positive and negative effects. These are the objects that the Human Life Informatics and Feng Shui Division should study.

One of the connotations and missions of modern feng shui is to combine feng shui technique with modern human life informatics, so as to explore how to bi-directionally regulate various kinds of human life information and natural information at different points in order to synchronize information between the two. Correspondence, to optimize the combination of the two to facilitate people’s physical and mental health, family harmony and career development.

In fact, medicine is also a way to adjust the harmony between human information and natural information. Traditional Chinese medicine is an energy carrier that is directly derived from nature’s different information. Western medicine is also indirectly derived from nature. Some mineral mineral water can be directly used for the treatment of human diseases. Symptomatic medication is the adjustment and exchange of appropriate natural information energy with human energy and information in order to produce a harmonious and healthy effect on the human body.

There are five organs and six skeletons, and there are five elements of yin and yang. Five organs, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, five elements gold, wood, water, fire, soil, the two should correspond to each other. If people’s five internal organs and the five elements of the earth are out of balance, diseases will occur and health problems will arise. All things are done with appropriate natural information to adjust the body’s vital information so that it is harmonious and healthy.

If we say that medicine starts with the adjustment of human life information to adapt to natural information, then adjusting architectural feng shui starts with adjusting natural information to facilitate the operation of human life information. Some energy information generated by the orientation, pattern, material, and color of some buildings will interfere with and damage human health, mentality, thinking, and emotions, and it will naturally harm his business and even his family. This type of building must undergo feng shui adjustments to transform its feng shui information.

Each human body’s vital information group is a small universe, which is influenced not only by the natural energy of the surrounding objects and human information, but also affects the information of people or things around them. For example, humans with viral information may have adverse effects on the surrounding healthy human body. And some of the more powerful life information bodies can also have positive effects on people and things around them. For example, qigong masters who have attained cultivation can make a benign adjustment to the surrounding human body and even certain natural information through various information transmission methods.

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Chinese Feng-Shui (G
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