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Feng Shui Is A Very Old and Mysterious Culture

Feng Shui, the Chinese all know Feng Shui, and also very seriously understand and use Feng Shui.

The truth of Feng Shui is a very old word, Places with good fengshui are for blessed people.

If you have a blessing, live in a place with poor feng shui, Feng Shui will turn around with you.

If you don’t have a blessing, live in a place with good feng shui, you can’t keep it, and the feng shui will break on its own.

1. How Does Feng Shui Break or Change on Its Own?

For example, wind, thunder and rain, electric and wood, worms, these can change the landscape, that is, feng shui, all things in the natural world can make good feng shui, but also can break feng shui.

2. Why Would Feng Shui Be Broken?

Everyone knows that the ancient emperors will find the best feng shui, but they are still defeated. Why?

Because the fortune is exhausted. If Ford can’t afford it, the town can’t live with this good feng shui, it will be broken by itself (unfortunately the treasure). This is like raising an elephant (the Emperor’s pulse), the elephant is starved to death, and he is quickly eaten poorly (so some people in history have lived in the feng shui and made it difficult). If you change a puppy (in a normal place), you may still have a lively jump.

We have a saying in China: People are outstanding. The earth is spiritual, and all things on the earth have spirits. Your fort is not enough, good feng shui does not obey you, do not want to protect you, and some prefer to be jade and not full, self-respect is very strong. It’s like a BMW. Not only do you choose it, but you also choose it. If you don’t like you, you can’t touch the nose with your hoof. Conversely, if you live in a suitable person, it will be like a woman in front of someone he likes, more and more attention to beauty and dazzling, the more you have to show your essence. Its feelings are like finding own confidant.

3. The First One to Raise Feng Shui Is No Killing

The so-called Feng Shui treasure land is the most vigorous place for lives. Killing, things with life are afraid, and try to avoid it. Think about where there is no life – the desert. There is nothing in the desert, so nothing to generate wealth of life and happiness.

4. The Second One to Raise Feng Shui Is Filial Piety

Take filial piety, do not contradict the parents, filial piety is the life prescriptions to change all destiny, the Buddha all said that when the world of the law (work, marriage, examination, wealth, beauty, honor), from the support of parents and teachers . The Buddha also only said one kind of person, although he turns back in life circle, their roots are not bad. This is the person who does filial piety.

5. The Third Thing to Raise Feng Shui – Don’t Badmouth

You can’t even badmouth your loved ones at home when you are alone. Because  the ghosts and gods are always listening, they listen everything. And the cups, the table, the chairs around you are listening too. You say bad things, they don’t accept you. This is like a general, the sergeant will not accept you, you will not be able to control, the military will be scattered. They have been with you for a long time, and they will have the same kind of learning and learn the same as you. This is the saying “the object is the master shape.”

6. Respect Is The Treasure to Attain All Wisdom

We say that the sea is the king because sea is the lowest and it can bear and hold everything, and it becomes king. I put myself at the lowest level, and the wisdom of all things can also come together towards me.

The true virtue, can not be separated from being respectful

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