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Chinese Feng-Shui (Geomantic Omen) Knowledge in Life (Part 1)

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Feng-Shui (Geomantic Omen) Problems that Should Pay Attention to in Life

1. The living room should not be dark, or it would be unfavorable in your wealth.

2. The floor should not be uneven, otherwise the fortune will be bumpy.

3. Fish tank should not be too large.

4. The living room is not suitable for hanging beasts drawing, such as dragons, tigers, leopards, eagles, foxes, bears, etc. Easily impaired health fortune of family members.

5. Fake flowers should not be placed in the house, because  it could affect your love,marriage and wealth.

6. The head of bed should not be fitted with mirror or right in front of mirror, otherwise your health fortune would be hurt.

Fish Culture Feng-shui Gives You More Fortune

1. The total number of fish purchased must be singular.

2. There must be a dark black fish in a tank to stabilize the money fortune.

3. The number of fish is recommended to raise seven.

4. If the fish tank is against the wall, pictures such as waterfalls and the sea can be hung on the wall. Symbolizes financial resources like the sea.

5. The fish tank must be placed in a dark place away from direct sunlight.

Taboos in The Bedroom

1. Bedside is too close to the window, it will easily lead to extramarital affairs, and it will lead to more dreams affecting sleep.

2. Flowers should not be put beside bedside, easy to have an affair, detrimental to marital relations.

3. Indoor plants should use large leaves, broad-leaved species, should not use lobular, small flowers and grass, which means that trivial things will affect the feelings.

Auto Vehicle Evades Accidents

1. Traffic accidents are caused by the “Gold” and “Wood” war (Two of The Five Elements ). Therefore, there must not be too much metal or wood objects in the car.

2. It is water that can break the “Gold” and “Wood” battle! Therefore, the water, and blue objects of the water elements should be placed in the car.

Feng-shui Hidden Trouble Damaged Your Fortune

1. Garbage in front of the door. Garbage at the entrance is also a lose-wealth layout.

2. The shoes are randomly placed – easily leading to respiratory tract infections. The soles are stained with a myriad of bacteria. If they are placed everywhere at home, it is equal to bringing the bacteria into the rooms.

3. The air does not circulate – causing emotional problems and respiratory infections.

4. The hearth is always not clean – leading to stomach disease.

5. Piling up sundries under the bed – affecting sleep.

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