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Chinese Feng-Shui (Geomantic Omen) Knowledge in Life (Part 2)

Fengshui Geomantic Omen 2 - ChineseWishes

Don’t Let Wallet Leak Your Wealth Fortune

1. The texture of your wallet had better be in accordance with your numerology.

2. Try to avoid round or irregular shape wallets.

3. Had better choose buckle type wallets, not choose zipper type purse, otherwise it will lost the luck of your wealth.

4. The wallet color should match your numerology and avoid wallets that are not suitable for your numerology color.

5. Your wallet can not be used by others at will.

6. The wallet cannot be arbitrarily placed on the shoe cabinet, otherwise the probability of losing money is high.

Learn Keeping Money before Gather Money

1. Avoid spending money casually, or it will be difficult to gather fortune.

2. Don’t put money everywhere. You should know that if fortune luck was dispersed, you would not be able to gather money.

3. The place you store your wealth should be stable.

4. Liquidity and long-term assets should be placed separately.

5. Be respectful of money, don’t throw away damaged coins, and the too casual attitude to money will hurt your fortune luck.

 The Important Living Room Feng-Shui

1. It is best to avoid that guests could see all the rooms’ doors from the living room, in addition to poor privacy, it will give a feeling of opening and can’t keep your fortune.

2. The dining table had better not face the main entrance.

3. The the ceiling should have grooves forming Fengshui pool.

4. The center of the ceiling is best to hang a crystal lamp, which is conducive to gathering energy.

5. If lack of sunlight in the living room, put some fluorescent lamps hidden in the the wood grooves of ceiling to make up lights.

Feng-Shui on Shoes

1. Do not wear bizarre shoes.

2. Shoe cabinet’s height cannot exceed your shoulder.

3. The tip of the shoe must be inward when putting into shoe cabinet.

4. Do not wear old shoes or used shoes, because shoes symbolize your marriage and career.

5. Shoes should not wear for too long time.

6. When the shoelace breaks, it must be replaced immediately. Change the shoelace to the same color.

Bedroom Feng-Shui Five Taboos

1. Excessive electrical appliances, especially televisions are at the foot of the bed. The foot is the person’s second heart, and its radiation is more likely to affect the meridian operation and blood circulation of the feet.

2. The door of the bedroom room toilet does not face the bed. The Fengshui theory believes that the five elements of the toilet are water, and the “Yin Gas” is heavy, which easily causes kidney disease and kidney discomfort.

3. The window is large, east-facing or west-facing. Violent sunlight can lead to excessive light in the bedroom.

4. If the ceiling just above the bed is equipped with a chandelier, it would gather “Sha Qi” (Evil Gas) which will hurt your luck and fortune.

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