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Going to Qinghai, You Can View Most of Great Natural Sight

Qinghai - ChineseWishes

Going to Qinghai, it feels like it’s been around the world. The natural beauty it contains, is unexpected surprises! Perhaps when you are turn around, you can meet different beautiful natural sights.

Menyuan Canola Flower

Qinghai 1 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by michael951

Many Kinds of Birds

Qinghai 2 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 埠flyingheart

Mengyuan Colorful Forest

Qinghai 3 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 坤哥的图博

Dulan Flower Sea

Qinghai 4 - ChineseWishes

Xining Tulips

Qinghai 5 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by xushilai9452

Chaka Salt Lake

Qinghai 6 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 郑倩雯

Qinghai Cambra Forest Geopark

Qinghai 7 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 习师傅旅拍

Sunset on Qinghai Lake

Qinghai 8 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 蘇通

8 Kinds of Commonly
Chengdu, There Are 1
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