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Kungfu – Wudang Kung Fu Master

Many people think of Wudang Mountain when it comes to Wudang Mountain. Wudang Martial Arts is a major genre of Chinese martial arts.

It has always been known in the martial arts world as “Northern respected Shaolin, South respected Wudang”. This program will take you to Wudang Mountain’s martial arts head coach, Zhong Yunlong, the authentic descendant of the Wudang Sanfeng faction, and learn about Wudang Kung Fu.

Chinese kung fu has a long history. Due to geographical differences in the north and the south, geography has led to different schools with unique context, unique style and self-contained system. In Chinese society, Kung Fu is more infiltrated into various literature, movies, and dramas and has irreplaceable humanistic significance. In recent years, China’s Kung Fu has made its presence on the international stage and has become an important footnote for European and American society to understand Chinese culture. Chinese kung fu has long been not confined to the Chinese community but is a universal cultural heritage. In view of this, the seven hosts of this program will lead the audience to in-depth understanding of the Wudang, Shaolin, Hunchun, Hongquan and Tai Chi five major factions, to explore the true face of Kung Fu, and appreciate the humanistic significance of Kung Fu. With its offensive and defensive skills, it demonstrates the connotation of Chinese culture. Chinese kung fu is not only the understanding of the Chinese nation on offensive and defensive skills and tactics, but also the cultivation of a sentiment and the smelting of ideas. Through the accumulation of kung fu, people can understand themselves, challenge themselves, and finally surpass themselves. What the Chinese teacher inherited is not only the wisdom and experience of the millennium, but also a way to seek truth.

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