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Liaoning - China Tours


Liaoning is part of the industrial powerhouse of North-Eastern China. It borders on North Korea to the South and has the important port of Dalian on the rugged peninsula extending into the Yellow Sea. The area developed rapidly from Song dynasty times onwards. Shenyang, the provincial capital, was the cradle of the Manchus who ruled China during the Qing dynasty and has many historic tombs and palaces. The city is famous for a colossal epoxy statue of Mao Zedong standing in Zhongshan Square. The Xiuyuan district has Manchu traditional housing and also a museum of Manchu history and culture.

Popular Cities: Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan, Fushun, Jinzhou, Yingkou

Average temperature: -17ºC to -5ºC (1.4ºF to 23ºF) in January, 21ºC to 25ºC (69.8ºF to 77ºF) in July.

Places to visit

1. The Imperial Palace in Shenyang. The Imperial Palace covers an area of over 60,000 square meters, with some 300 rooms in 70 buildings which are dispersed in a dozen courtyards.It has more than 300 Manchu-style buildings, covering an area of 60,000 square meters and boasting more than 10,000 relics. It is the best preserved group of imperial structures in the country. Next to the Palace Museum in Beijing, these buildings give expression to the brilliant achievements in architecture scored by the Man and Han nationalities in their cultural exchanges.

2. Dalian (also known as Dairen) is a major port for the industrial output of the north-eastern provinces rivaling Tianjin and often compared to Shanghai for its cosmopolitan and entrepreneurial feel. Laotieshan Nature Park is at the end of the peninsula; while Bingyu Valley on the south side of the peninsular has fine scenery. There are seaside resorts scattered along the Liaodong Sea coast including Xingcheng with a Ming architectural style and Jinshitan beach which is a popular tourist spot. The scenic spot consists of sea, beach, reef and hills. Since there are many multi-colored stones on the beach, it is call the gold stone beach. Liaoning‘s rocky coast has many fine beaches and fish restaurants.

3. Yixian has the Fengguo Temple nearby built a thousand years ago. Near Fuxin there is the Ancient City of Tayingzi. Benxi has dramatic scenic caves. Close by is the Tiecha Mountain sacred to Daoist. Dandong stands close to the border with North Korea and has a portion of the restored Great Wall going up the mountain. Close by are the scenic Dagushan Mountains as well as the Wulongbei Hot Springs. Many ethnic Korean people live in the area close to the border with North Korea.

4. The Qianshan (Thousand) Mountain situated not far from the suburbs of Anshan, and it is a famous scenic spot in China, covering an area of 44 square kilometers with more than 180 places of interests and scenic spots. With totaling over 990, Qianshan is also called a Mountain of one Thousand Lotuses”. A variety of landscapes: the boundless sea of pines, elegant peaks, peculiar rocks and ancient temples.

5. Located on the mountain north of Huanren Town in Huanren Manchu Autonomous County, the Wu’nyu Mountain City is a well-preserved site of historical and cultural significance. Founded in 37 B.C., the city was the first capital of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom in northeast China, among the over 100 existing mountain city sites of the Kingdom along the Yalu River.It has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List.