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Old Chinese Medicine Frequent Disease Symptoms Summary – Worth Saving

Disease Symptoms - ChineseWishes

First of all, this is for reference only! It doesn’t represent any diagnosis. If you have any physical discomfort, please remember to see a doctor.

1. Always feeling drowsy and dizzy after waking up in the morning may because of  bone hyperplasia in the cervical spine or high blood viscosity disease.

2. Waking up at 4-5 a.m. in the morning and having a strong flustered hunger, feeling tired and weak. The uncomfortable feeling gradually disappeared after eating breakfast,  that may be diabetes inclination.

3. Always brown urine may indicate liver problems.

4. Pale eyelid may because of iron deficiency anemia.

5. Facial flushing may be related to heart disease or high blood pressure.

6. Nausea vomiting, and removing the cause of pregnancy, if it is so every morning, it may be chronic gastritis.

7. Always shaking hands may be hyperthyroidism or Parkinson’s disease.

8. After eating greasy food, the upper abdomen is painful and the pain extends to the right shoulder and back, it is likely to have liver and gallbladder disease.

9. Having no appetite, feeling nausea when watching greasy food, and easy to feel tired, that may be suffering from hepatitis.

10. Erythema caused by non-friction on the skin may be a sign of liver disease.

Disease Symptoms - ChineseWishes

11. Severe snoring may indicate possible problems with the nose or respiratory tract.

12. Black lice become bigger or new one grow out, then should be ware of skin cancer invasion.

13. Backache when stretching may mostly because of poor sitting posture.

14. Awakening due to leg cramps may indicate calcium deficiency or atherosclerosis.

15. Palpitating and having chest tightness when going upstairs may reflect the problem of poor cardiac function.

16. Fingertips thicker than knuckle may have more severe lung disease.

17. Slow nail growth, lacking of luster, and yellowing and thickening nails suggest problem in the lymphatic system.

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