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Shiping Tofu — Roast Meat Artifact, Tender to The Tongue

Shiping Tofu - ChineseWishes

Bridge noodle, roasted milk fan, steamer chicken… For many people who understand to eat, Yunnan is a heaven for food. Come to Yunnan Honghe State, in addition to the famous bridge rice noodle outside, Shiping tofu is also necessary to try.

Shiping people most like to go to the tofu stall to sit and burn tofu with tea. The most unique of Shiping tofu is the use of natural well water point tofu, without any additives, the finished product is still delicate and tender, beans overflowing, and extremely resilient.

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In Shiping, in addition to fresh tofu, various soy products are also very rich. Tofu, floating flower tofu, tofu silk, tofu knot, which, tofu knot is Shiping people table indispensable home taste. Shiping bean curd taste light, taste tough and long-time cooking is not bad, most suitable for roast meat, wait until it is filled with pork soup, fresh and chewy, sweet to swallow the tongue!

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Similarly, only natural well water is used as a “coagulant”, and the production process of tofu knots is rather cumbersome. The use of high-quality soybeans as raw material needless to say, followed by many steps such as washing, peeling, immersing, pulping, boiling, filtering, steaming, peeling and drying, etc., can get this delicate and brittle, long-term cooking is not bad Stone screen bean curd knot.

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Golden shiny tofu knot, can open the packaging can smell a touch of bean flavor, soaked in warm water for 15 minutes, wait for it to slowly stretch, you can mix and match to eat. Put the pickled fish in the spicy and crispy, put some when cooking soup, tender and tender to the tongue!

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Dry tofu crunchy, it is inevitable that some debris, but it will not affect its taste. After soaking, stir-fried vegetables, slippery and fragrant, still cool!

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