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Don’t Let Wallet Leak Your Wealth Fortune

1. The texture of your wallet had better be in accordance with your numerology.

2. Try to avoid round or irregular shape wallets.

3. Had better choose buckle type wallets, not choose zipper type purse, otherwise it will lost the luck of your wealth.

4. The wallet color should match your numerology and avoid wallets that are not suitable for your numerology color.

5. Your wallet can not be used by others at will.

6. The wallet cannot be arbitrarily placed on the shoe cabinet, otherwise the probability of losing money is high.

Learn Keeping Money before Gather Money

1. Avoid spending money casually, or it will be difficult to gather fortune.

2. Don’t put money everywhere. You should know that if fortune luck was dispersed, you would not be able to gather money.

3. The place you store your wealth should be stable.

4. Liquidity and long-term assets should be placed separately.

5. Be respectful of money, don’t throw away damaged coins, and the too casual attitude to money will hurt your fortune luck.

 The Important Living Room Feng-Shui

1. It is best to avoid that guests could see all the rooms’ doors from the living room, in addition to poor privacy, it will give a feeling of opening and can’t keep your fortune.

2. The dining table had better not face the main entrance.

3. The the ceiling should have grooves forming Fengshui pool.

4. The center of the ceiling is best to hang a crystal lamp, which is conducive to gathering energy.

5. If lack of sunlight in the living room, put some fluorescent lamps hidden in the the wood grooves of ceiling to make up lights.

Feng-Shui on Shoes

1. Do not wear bizarre shoes.

2. Shoe cabinet’s height cannot exceed your shoulder.

3. The tip of the shoe must be inward when putting into shoe cabinet.

4. Do not wear old shoes or used shoes, because shoes symbolize your marriage and career.

5. Shoes should not wear for too long time.

6. When the shoelace breaks, it must be replaced immediately. Change the shoelace to the same color.

Bedroom Feng-Shui Five Taboos

1. Excessive electrical appliances, especially televisions are at the foot of the bed. The foot is the person’s second heart, and its radiation is more likely to affect the meridian operation and blood circulation of the feet.

2. The door of the bedroom room toilet does not face the bed. The Fengshui theory believes that the five elements of the toilet are water, and the “Yin Gas” is heavy, which easily causes kidney disease and kidney discomfort.

3. The window is large, east-facing or west-facing. Violent sunlight can lead to excessive light in the bedroom.

4. If the ceiling just above the bed is equipped with a chandelier, it would gather “Sha Qi” (Evil Gas) which will hurt your luck and fortune.

Humanity is the master of the earth, the essence of the universe, and the eternal life of all things. Everything we have studied includes modern feng shui. It is for people. It is all for mankind. It makes mankind live a healthier, better and more comfortable life on this planet.

However, human beings are influenced by various factors and information and energy in the Earth and the universe. To study the laws of these energy and information effects on human life, and to find out methods for gaining benefits, avoiding harm, and avoiding evils, we must study the law of the human body’s study of human life information.

The human body is the most advanced organic living body composed of various chemical elements. The human body itself constantly produces a variety of information and energy; these information energy must be coordinated with the natural world’s information and energy in order to achieve a harmonious resonance effect. Good survival and development.

The traditional feng shui theory holds that each individual’s life individual has its own different “lifestyle.” Explained using the words of human informatics: Every human body has its own different life information, energy, and different combinations. These different “lifestyles” or different life information energy states are connected and exchanged with different points and different natural energy information, which will produce different positive and negative effects. These are the objects that the Human Life Informatics and Feng Shui Division should study.

One of the connotations and missions of modern feng shui is to combine feng shui technique with modern human life informatics, so as to explore how to bi-directionally regulate various kinds of human life information and natural information at different points in order to synchronize information between the two. Correspondence, to optimize the combination of the two to facilitate people’s physical and mental health, family harmony and career development.

In fact, medicine is also a way to adjust the harmony between human information and natural information. Traditional Chinese medicine is an energy carrier that is directly derived from nature’s different information. Western medicine is also indirectly derived from nature. Some mineral mineral water can be directly used for the treatment of human diseases. Symptomatic medication is the adjustment and exchange of appropriate natural information energy with human energy and information in order to produce a harmonious and healthy effect on the human body.

There are five organs and six skeletons, and there are five elements of yin and yang. Five organs, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, five elements gold, wood, water, fire, soil, the two should correspond to each other. If people’s five internal organs and the five elements of the earth are out of balance, diseases will occur and health problems will arise. All things are done with appropriate natural information to adjust the body’s vital information so that it is harmonious and healthy.

If we say that medicine starts with the adjustment of human life information to adapt to natural information, then adjusting architectural feng shui starts with adjusting natural information to facilitate the operation of human life information. Some energy information generated by the orientation, pattern, material, and color of some buildings will interfere with and damage human health, mentality, thinking, and emotions, and it will naturally harm his business and even his family. This type of building must undergo feng shui adjustments to transform its feng shui information.

Each human body’s vital information group is a small universe, which is influenced not only by the natural energy of the surrounding objects and human information, but also affects the information of people or things around them. For example, humans with viral information may have adverse effects on the surrounding healthy human body. And some of the more powerful life information bodies can also have positive effects on people and things around them. For example, qigong masters who have attained cultivation can make a benign adjustment to the surrounding human body and even certain natural information through various information transmission methods.

Feng-Shui (Geomantic Omen) Problems that Should Pay Attention to in Life

1. The living room should not be dark, or it would be unfavorable in your wealth.

2. The floor should not be uneven, otherwise the fortune will be bumpy.

3. Fish tank should not be too large.

4. The living room is not suitable for hanging beasts drawing, such as dragons, tigers, leopards, eagles, foxes, bears, etc. Easily impaired health fortune of family members.

5. Fake flowers should not be placed in the house, because  it could affect your love,marriage and wealth.

6. The head of bed should not be fitted with mirror or right in front of mirror, otherwise your health fortune would be hurt.

Fish Culture Feng-shui Gives You More Fortune

1. The total number of fish purchased must be singular.

2. There must be a dark black fish in a tank to stabilize the money fortune.

3. The number of fish is recommended to raise seven.

4. If the fish tank is against the wall, pictures such as waterfalls and the sea can be hung on the wall. Symbolizes financial resources like the sea.

5. The fish tank must be placed in a dark place away from direct sunlight.

Taboos in The Bedroom

1. Bedside is too close to the window, it will easily lead to extramarital affairs, and it will lead to more dreams affecting sleep.

2. Flowers should not be put beside bedside, easy to have an affair, detrimental to marital relations.

3. Indoor plants should use large leaves, broad-leaved species, should not use lobular, small flowers and grass, which means that trivial things will affect the feelings.

Auto Vehicle Evades Accidents

1. Traffic accidents are caused by the “Gold” and “Wood” war (Two of The Five Elements ). Therefore, there must not be too much metal or wood objects in the car.

2. It is water that can break the “Gold” and “Wood” battle! Therefore, the water, and blue objects of the water elements should be placed in the car.

Feng-shui Hidden Trouble Damaged Your Fortune

1. Garbage in front of the door. Garbage at the entrance is also a lose-wealth layout.

2. The shoes are randomly placed – easily leading to respiratory tract infections. The soles are stained with a myriad of bacteria. If they are placed everywhere at home, it is equal to bringing the bacteria into the rooms.

3. The air does not circulate – causing emotional problems and respiratory infections.

4. The hearth is always not clean – leading to stomach disease.

5. Piling up sundries under the bed – affecting sleep.

There would always be one of food streets that you would love in Chengdu. I can think of the touch words, probably “I want to be with you and eat all over Chengdu!”

If you are a food lover, then Chengdu will definitely satisfy you.

From to civilian cuisine to five-star dishes, you can find the many kinds of unforgettable foods in the Chengdu‘s streets and alleys.

Very sorry we do not know how to translate the names of the dishes.

Chengdu food 28 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 29 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 30 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 31 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 32 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 34 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 39 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 37 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 35 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 40 - ChineseWishes

First of all, this is for reference only! It doesn’t represent any diagnosis. If you have any physical discomfort, please remember to see a doctor.

1. Always feeling drowsy and dizzy after waking up in the morning may because of  bone hyperplasia in the cervical spine or high blood viscosity disease.

2. Waking up at 4-5 a.m. in the morning and having a strong flustered hunger, feeling tired and weak. The uncomfortable feeling gradually disappeared after eating breakfast,  that may be diabetes inclination.

3. Always brown urine may indicate liver problems.

4. Pale eyelid may because of iron deficiency anemia.

5. Facial flushing may be related to heart disease or high blood pressure.

6. Nausea vomiting, and removing the cause of pregnancy, if it is so every morning, it may be chronic gastritis.

7. Always shaking hands may be hyperthyroidism or Parkinson’s disease.

8. After eating greasy food, the upper abdomen is painful and the pain extends to the right shoulder and back, it is likely to have liver and gallbladder disease.

9. Having no appetite, feeling nausea when watching greasy food, and easy to feel tired, that may be suffering from hepatitis.

10. Erythema caused by non-friction on the skin may be a sign of liver disease.

Disease Symptoms - ChineseWishes

11. Severe snoring may indicate possible problems with the nose or respiratory tract.

12. Black lice become bigger or new one grow out, then should be ware of skin cancer invasion.

13. Backache when stretching may mostly because of poor sitting posture.

14. Awakening due to leg cramps may indicate calcium deficiency or atherosclerosis.

15. Palpitating and having chest tightness when going upstairs may reflect the problem of poor cardiac function.

16. Fingertips thicker than knuckle may have more severe lung disease.

17. Slow nail growth, lacking of luster, and yellowing and thickening nails suggest problem in the lymphatic system.

Although 1000 people may have 1000 ways to have fun, but Chengdu must have 1000 ways to let you fall in love with it.

Chengdu is a city where you go and you would not want to leave.

Wait for meeting someone who would go to Chengdu together.

Enjoy The Pleasure of Cleaning Your Ears

Chengdu food 23 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 竹影无痕119

Chengdu people have make the enjoyment to the extreme. If you didn’t personally experience the cleaning ear service, you would not know how comfortable your ears could be.

Watch The Authentic Face-change Opera

Chengdu food 24 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by Selena

Sichuan Opera is a feature of Sichuan culture, and changing face is a unique feature of Sichuan Opera art. It is superb and lively and interesting. When you come to Chengdu, why not experience its charm?

Have Fun with Chinese National Treasure Panda

Chengdu food 25 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 心已远

Sichuan is the hometown of giant pandas. To come to Chengdu, you must visit the panda base and look at the lovely giant pandas. Then buy cute panda dolls from the panda theme store and give them to your children.

Take A Taste of Authentic Chengdu Hot-pot

Chengdu food 26 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 画船听雨眠821

Hot pot has become almost another symbol of Chengdu. Whether you can or can not eat spicy, dare or don’t dare to eat spicy, for the atmosphere of hot pot, you should experience the authentic Chengdu hot pot.

Get Drunk in The Highest  Bar

Chengdu food 27 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 陈浮生773

Chengdu people call getting drunk as “drinking rotten wine”, Jiuyan bridge has always been the most lively place in Chengdu at night, people sing and dance beside the river, and this would definitely leave you unforgettable memories.

Go to Xiangheli to See Various kinds of foods.

Chengdu is a city that makes people fat because of its foods. There is always a food street that you would love. I can think of the touch words, probably “I want to be with you and eat all over Chengdu!”

Chengdu food 28 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 29 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 30 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 31 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 32 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 34 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 39 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 37 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 35 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 40 - ChineseWishes
Chengdu food 41 - ChineseWishes

If you like to live slowly, then Chengdu must be one of best choice for you.

The moment you step into the city, you will always slow down and notice the surrounding scenery.

If you are a food lover, then Chengdu will definitely satisfy you.

From to civilian cuisine to five-star dishes, you can find all you want to eat in the Chengdu various streets.

Chengdu is such a city: The alley is full of contentment and comfort feeling; the sculptures made by craftsmen are beautiful and delicate; the various delicacies, all of these attract every one of you and me.

People who have been to Chengdu cannot help but sigh: There are 1000 ways you would love Chengdu!

It has thousands of beautiful scenery to let keep people stay;

People can have thousands of experiences there and don’t want to leave;

It has thousands of foods and snacks that people can not forget their tastes.

Kuanzhai Alley – You can say it is commercial, but you can’t say it is not Chengdu Style

Chengdu 1 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 膺镹

Kuanzhai Alley is the epitome of old Chengdu. There is no shortage of places to feel the customs of Chengdu.

Chengdu 2 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 城南那亩田

Going into the alley, there are authentic Sichuan cuisines, and there are old folk scenes in Chengdu.

Chengdu 4 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 愿安然

You can have a cup of Mengshan yellow-bud tea there, and play the Longmen arra with the old man beside you.

Chengdu 5 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 猪猪侠325

You can also call a “Ear Cleaning Man” and comfortably enjoy the comfort of cleaning your ears.

Chengdu 6 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by HHHHan-Z

You can also sit by the roadside snack stall, taste an array of foods and snacks in front of you and enjoy the delicacy.

Chengdu 7 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 彭鑫

Point Drunk, White Nights, Huli and other wine bars are full of Chengdu’s fashion sense, and bloom its charm at night.

Jinli Ancient Street – Full of nostalgic emotions, people can meet their appetite there

Chengdu 8 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by wonster

Chengdu 9 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 白岸sky

Jinli Ancient Street is like the temperament of Chengdu people. It is filled with the noisy and randomness of Chengdu’s market.

Chengdu 10 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 蛋撻

Here, you can admire clay figurines, sugar paintings, and shops in the stores with unique features of the Three Kingdoms.

Chengdu 12 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 藝婷

Drink a tea and taste a snack, watch face-change Sichuan opera, buy some local specialties and small souvenirs, that kind of feeling is simply happy.

Chengdu 13 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 悠哉日常包子

In the darkness, shops on the street are more vivid and conspicuous. Even street bars and teppanyaki and other snack shops float out of colored smoke.

People’s Park: Drinking tea in a daze and enjoying the sun. Feel free and easy life.

Chengdu 15 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by osaka

Chengdu 16 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 风之语520

People’s Park is one of the places where people in Chengdu drink tea leisurely. Only by seeing the People’s Park you can really realize the correct way to open the  door of “leisure recreation capital”.

Chengdu 17 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 风之语520

When the sun shines, the park is always full of people enjoying the sun, reading books and playing mahjong. Very pleasant.

Chengdu 18 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by Appel

Find a teahouse, order a cup of tea, read a book in the afternoon, chat with friends, and you can find that life can be so simple and happy.

Chengdu 18 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by Appel

Find a teahouse, order a cup of tea, read a book in the afternoon, chat with friends, and you can find that life can be so simple and happy.

Chunxi Road – Shopping malls, eating snacks, looking beautiful ladies.

Chengdu 22 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by人生海海海海海海海

Chengdu 19 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 时间追白马

Outsiders come to Chengdu, if you do not stroll Chunxi Road, it is like when in Beijing you do not go to Wangfujing, when in Shanghai you do not go to Nanjing Road, and this will be a regret.

Chengdu 20 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 无闷

As the most prosperous commercial street in Chengdu, Chunxi Road has always been an important place for rich Chengdu people to play and have fun. It also inherits the city’s unique cultural temperament.

Chengdu 21 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 无闷

On the Chunxi road, looking for delicious food and looking at beautiful ladies, this beautiful pedestrian street will always give you a pleasant feeling.

Going to Qinghai, it feels like it’s been around the world. The natural beauty it contains, is unexpected surprises! Perhaps when you are turn around, you can meet different beautiful natural sights.

Menyuan Canola Flower

Qinghai 1 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by michael951

Many Kinds of Birds

Qinghai 2 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 埠flyingheart

Mengyuan Colorful Forest

Qinghai 3 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 坤哥的图博

Dulan Flower Sea

Qinghai 4 - ChineseWishes

Xining Tulips

Qinghai 5 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by xushilai9452

Chaka Salt Lake

Qinghai 6 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 郑倩雯

Qinghai Cambra Forest Geopark

Qinghai 7 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 习师傅旅拍

Sunset on Qinghai Lake

Qinghai 8 - ChineseWishes

Shoot by 蘇通

Nowadays, our middle-aged and older people also have self-care habits with many old Chinese medicine practitioners, such as eating wolfberry and Sanqi powder, helping to stabilize blood pressure and boosting Yang Qi (Like Positive Energy).
Below we have collected the most commonly used traditional Chinese medicines, health care herbs and their daily safety and health usage, we can follow the reference below.  Maintain health need time and processes, and you can’t see the curative effect at once.

Panax notoginseng

Chinese Medicines 1 - ChineseWishes

It is the dry root and rhizome of the Araliaceae plant notoginseng. Before the flowers bloom in the autumn, dig, wash, separate the main root, branch root and rhizome, and dry.
Notoginseng powder is commonly used in the prevention and treatment of cosmetic freckle, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, angina, coronary heart disease, cholesterol and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Although notoginseng powder is a precious Chinese herbal medicine, it has no specific use period, and it is not toxic in itself and is very suitable for daily health care. Sanqi powder has a significant effect. Good notoginseng powder has a certain change in body function if keep taking for 4 months or so.

Taking method: You can directly soak in water to drink, you can also drink together with milk, take breakfast once a day after breakfast, eat once at noon, eat once before going to bed at night. It is especially important that you eat two times in the morning and in the evening. It is the best time for the body to absorb.

The amount of health care: Notoginseng powder 2 to 3 grams each time, taking 2 to 3 times a day, the amount of health care, can not exceed 3 grams at a time.

Cassia Seed

Chinese Medicines 2 - ChineseWishes

Cassia, bitter, slightly cold in property of a medicine, has lower blood pressure and blood fat, clean liver and enhance eyesight and other effects.

However, Cassia can cause diarrhea, and women’s long-term use can cause irregular menstruation, while heavy can make the endometrium not normal. Diarrhea, hypotension, and pregnant women should also be used with caution. In addition, cassia is a laxative, long-term use is not good for the body, can damage the body’s Qi (Energy).

Safe Dosage: Daily dosage is 10-15 grams.

Chinese Wolfberry

Chinese Medicines 3 - ChineseWishes

Wolfberry, a little sweet, nourishing liver and kidney, benefits the eyes and anti-aging. Has effect of warming the body. People who suffer from high blood pressure, or be too impatience, or who regularly eat large amounts of meatare not advised to take it. People with fever, body inflammation, and diarrhea are better off not eating.

How to take it: The most suitable person to eat wolfberry is a person with weak constitution and poor resistance. And, be sure to stick to it for a long time. Eat a little bit every day to make it work. It’s best to soak in water, drink tea and grab dry chews.

Safe Dosage: about 5 grams daily.

Licorice Root

Chinese Medicines 4 - ChineseWishes

The licorice, replenishing heart, spleen and lungs, has expectorant and relieving urgent pain effects, clearing heat Qi and detoxifying. Can reconcile the efficacy of various drugs, but long-term use can cause edema and high blood pressure, and can easily cause hypokalemia, leading to Arrhythmia, muscle weakness and so on.

Way to Take: swallow after chewing, or soak with warm water and drink

Safe Dosage: Daily dosage is 3-10 grams.


Chinese Medicines 5 - ChineseWishes

Ginseng, nourishing vital energy, stimulating the body, replenishing spleen and benefiting the lungs, can stimulate the nervous system, improve immunity, and fight aging. Those who are physically strong take long-term use or take too much ginseng would have dry mouths, or even have bleeding from their nostrils. Positive, righteous people are not allowed to take.

Some people think that ginseng is a tonic and eating always benefits the body. This is a wrong idea. Whether it is red ginseng or raw ginseng, it must be done step by step in the course of taking it. You must not hurry and take too much of it.

In general, the weather is cool in autumn and winter, it can have better effect; and hot summer weather, it is unfit for human consumption. After eating ginseng, should avoid radish, avoid drinking tea. The ginseng should be be taken with grape together, the grape contains the tannic acid, easily combines with the protein in the ginseng to form the precipitation, affecting the absorption and reduces the efficacy.

Safe Dosage: Daily dosage is about 5 grams.

Scaphium Scaphigerum

Chinese Medicines 6 - ChineseWishes

The Scaphium Scaphigerum (boat-fruited sterculia seed), is cold in property of a medicine and a little poisonous. Has effects of cleaning lung, help excretion. Suitable for husky throat caused by wind-heat. The elder people suddenly aphonia and with weak spleen should be used with caution.

Safe Use: Should not exceed 3 capsules to prevent poisoning.


Chinese Medicines 7 - ChineseWishes

Chrysanthemum, a little bitter, slightly cold in property of a medicine, has 热度reducing wind-heat, enhancing eyesight, detoxification effect. Blood stasis type hypertension patients should not take chrysanthemum.

How to take it: The best herbal kind is white chrysanthemum grown in the vicinity of the Suzhou-Hangzhou area. Takes 3g to soak with warm water to drink each time, 3 times a day.

Safe dosage: Daily dosage is 6-10 grams.


Chinese Medicines 8 - ChineseWishes

Honeysuckle can help to clear the wind heat and also scatter internal-hot. Because honeysuckle herb is cold in property of a medicine, so it is not suitable for long-term drinking, especially those with deficiency of spleen and stomach and women in menstrual period.

Way to Take: 1 teaspoon of dried honeysuckle, brewed with a cup of hot boiling water, soaked for about 10 minutes before drinking, can be added to rock sugar or honey.

Safe Dosage: Daily dosage is 10-20 grams.

Hope time passes slowly, and you can always watch me smile. Would like to stay in the quiet ancient town. We all have a quiet and slow times and enjoy this life!

Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 21 - ChineseWishes

Many people say that the time in the Phoenix is like a dream. They do not want to wake up and silently use its unmoving power to attract travelers from the South and the South.

Ancient Towns 22 - ChineseWishes

Have you ever thought of such a place, close to your imagination. This kind of indifferent ancient city, after years of washing precipitation, becoming exactly the way you enjoy.

Changting Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 23 - ChineseWishes

Half a century ago, Louise Elias once said, “China has two of the most beautiful towns, one is Hunan Phoenix and the other is Changting, Fujian.”

Ancient Towns 24 - ChineseWishes

Changting has the beauty of the hometown of Phoenix, and is quieter than the Phoenix. It preserves more original scenery.

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 25 - ChineseWishes

Look at the bridges, listen to the boat oars, and the sound of Wu songs, Zhouzhuang this picture slowly open on this.

Ancient Towns 26 - ChineseWishes

Zhouzhuang has preserved 14 ancient bridges with different characteristics. Together they have constructed a beautiful landscape painting of “small bridges, flowing water, and people”. Listening to a Kunqu opera here and having a taste of “old lady” tea.

Wuyuan Ancient Village

Ancient Towns 27 - ChineseWishes

Far from the urban hustle and bustle, here has the sound of dogs and horses, the graceful grace of Wuyuan, and the Hui emblem. Enjoyed in this quiet and harmonious landscape painting, sink and do not want to leave.

Ancient Towns 28 - ChineseWishes

The grass is tying its seeds, and the wind is shaking its leaves. We stand here without speaking. It is very beautiful.

Huangyao Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 29 - ChineseWishes

The ancient town of Huangyao has a long history and has been praised by the outside world as the “little Guilin dream home.” When people inadvertently pass through the ancient town of Huang Yao, this beautiful chapter is opened, and the simple and elegant style has thus conquered the hearts of the people.

Ancient Towns 30 - ChineseWishes

The ancient town of Huang Yao seems to stand quietly in the depths of time, without a little noise, quietly walking through all seasons.

Weishan Ancient City

Ancient Towns 31 - ChineseWishes

Some people say that here is Dali 20 years ago. There is always a kind of Sunday atmosphere in the city and it is known as “the last land of Yunnan for a daze life.”

Ancient Towns 32 - ChineseWishes

This lost ancient capital, which was neglected for many years, is still the birthplace of that distant country, the country of Nanzhao, and it has a time stamp of thousands of years.

Chikan Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 33 - ChineseWishes

Into the ancient town, as if into the depths of history, every corner can hear the echo of the years.

Ancient Towns 34 - ChineseWishes

Walking on the streets here, I couldn’t bear to speak loudly, fearing to disturb the beautiful scenery.

Tongli Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 35 - ChineseWishes

“The township of mellow water, the old Jiangnan” can be said to be the characteristic of Tongli. Because of the water garden, every family is near the water, and every household has a boat.

Ancient Towns 36 - ChineseWishes

The flowers are eager to open up and give a tender feeling to this gentle water village.

Jinxi Ancient Town

Ancient Towns 37 - ChineseWishes

The Old green stone road, architectures along the river, the river in morning fog, and people’s mutual greetings, all have preserved the taste of the most primitive Jiangnan. If no visitors, the old town she is partial peace, quietly exudes charm.

Ancient Towns 38 - ChineseWishes

Compared to the fame of Wuzhen and Zhouzhuang, there are not many people who know this place. She is like a sleeping girl who quietly exudes tenderness.

Dali Ancient City

Ancient Towns 39 - ChineseWishes

In the garden, flowers are buzzing, birds are singing, and outdoor canals are flowing. The scene of “three room with one well, a few pots of flowers in every house” remains.

Ancient Towns 40 - ChineseWishes

Encountering an old woman selling beautiful flowers, that may be a little lucky.