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Wuhan has the highest proportion of eating out in the country. Every day, when it doesn’t shine. Nearly 100,000 people have got up early to find the first meal of the day.

Hot Dry Noodles with Sesame Paste

Li Xiaohong, the owner of the hot-dry noodle shop, is busy at 4 am every day. Li Qianping, who earns money to support his family in Wuhan, chooses to eat a bowl of hot dry noodles every day to start a hard day’s work.

According to statistics, Wuhan people can eat 3.5 million kilograms of hot dry noodles a day.

Three Fresh Bean Skin

A delicious bean skin, from selection to production, can not be careless. Dried beans, lean meat and mushrooms are selected carefully the owner so the Ingredients can be cooked to achieve the delicacy.

Three Fresh Bean Skin

Wuhan is born with water, and crucian carp is also the most commonly eaten fish in Wuhan. Xu Han’an and his son go to the fish market every day to buy fresh carp and use whole grains to make soup.

Steamed Pork Dumplings in Oily Pancake

In the eyes of many people, the best breakfast shop is the shop that grows with them.

This store has been in business for 19 years and can sell about 100 kilograms of steamed pork dumplings every day. The steamed pork dumplings in oily pancake is a special breakfast for this shop.

(Photos are all from the documentary)

Beijing’s traditional morning snacks have been passed down to the present, like a biscuit or a bean juice, all the snacks are particularly made.

Lamb Pancake

Song Jun is the owner of a lamb pancake shop. His lamb pancake shop is run from his grandfather.

The texture of the lamb is an important guarantee for his family’s lamb pancake. The owner, Song Jun, has always used the “slipping sheep” from Inner Mongolia which sheep is put on the mountain. Due to the increase in cost, the herdsmen who have supplied lamb for more than ten years have raised the demand for price increases.

The discussion was fruitless, Song Jun could only make up the difference by himself, but he chose not to increase the price of the pancake in the store, because he believed that it was not only the taste but also the authenticity passed down from generation to generation.

Beijing snacks can not only carry the exquisite taste of the palace snacks, but also include the home-cooking of fried liver and bean juice.

Oil Sugar Pancake

Bean Juice

(Photos are all from the documentary)

Feng Shui, the Chinese all know Feng Shui, and also very seriously understand and use Feng Shui.

The truth of Feng Shui is a very old word, Places with good fengshui are for blessed people.

If you have a blessing, live in a place with poor feng shui, Feng Shui will turn around with you.

If you don’t have a blessing, live in a place with good feng shui, you can’t keep it, and the feng shui will break on its own.

1. How Does Feng Shui Break or Change on Its Own?

For example, wind, thunder and rain, electric and wood, worms, these can change the landscape, that is, feng shui, all things in the natural world can make good feng shui, but also can break feng shui.

2. Why Would Feng Shui Be Broken?

Everyone knows that the ancient emperors will find the best feng shui, but they are still defeated. Why?

Because the fortune is exhausted. If Ford can’t afford it, the town can’t live with this good feng shui, it will be broken by itself (unfortunately the treasure). This is like raising an elephant (the Emperor’s pulse), the elephant is starved to death, and he is quickly eaten poorly (so some people in history have lived in the feng shui and made it difficult). If you change a puppy (in a normal place), you may still have a lively jump.

We have a saying in China: People are outstanding. The earth is spiritual, and all things on the earth have spirits. Your fort is not enough, good feng shui does not obey you, do not want to protect you, and some prefer to be jade and not full, self-respect is very strong. It’s like a BMW. Not only do you choose it, but you also choose it. If you don’t like you, you can’t touch the nose with your hoof. Conversely, if you live in a suitable person, it will be like a woman in front of someone he likes, more and more attention to beauty and dazzling, the more you have to show your essence. Its feelings are like finding own confidant.

3. The First One to Raise Feng Shui Is No Killing

The so-called Feng Shui treasure land is the most vigorous place for lives. Killing, things with life are afraid, and try to avoid it. Think about where there is no life – the desert. There is nothing in the desert, so nothing to generate wealth of life and happiness.

4. The Second One to Raise Feng Shui Is Filial Piety

Take filial piety, do not contradict the parents, filial piety is the life prescriptions to change all destiny, the Buddha all said that when the world of the law (work, marriage, examination, wealth, beauty, honor), from the support of parents and teachers . The Buddha also only said one kind of person, although he turns back in life circle, their roots are not bad. This is the person who does filial piety.

5. The Third Thing to Raise Feng Shui – Don’t Badmouth

You can’t even badmouth your loved ones at home when you are alone. Because  the ghosts and gods are always listening, they listen everything. And the cups, the table, the chairs around you are listening too. You say bad things, they don’t accept you. This is like a general, the sergeant will not accept you, you will not be able to control, the military will be scattered. They have been with you for a long time, and they will have the same kind of learning and learn the same as you. This is the saying “the object is the master shape.”

6. Respect Is The Treasure to Attain All Wisdom

We say that the sea is the king because sea is the lowest and it can bear and hold everything, and it becomes king. I put myself at the lowest level, and the wisdom of all things can also come together towards me.

The true virtue, can not be separated from being respectful

This documentary  mainly introduces the local breakfast food culture in different provinces. The protagonist of this documentary is not from a professional chef. All the restaurant are selected from the streets, but those food also has a taste.

Little Pot Rice Noodle

In Yunnan province, the rice noodles are not only the bridge rice noodles we know well, but also fried, boiled and other kinds of rice noodles. And you can have no-repeated rice noodle for a month.

Customized Little Pot Rice Noodle

In Kunming city, Li Yufeng’s ‘small pot custom rice noodle’ does not have any special ingredients, includes sauerkraut, leeks and meat.

However, in order to ensure the quality of the ingredients, the owner closes the door at 2 pm every day, and drives to Chenggong which is 40 to 50 kilometers away, and selected the fresh ingredients for the next day.

(Po Su) Crisp Flat Cake

In Xizhou, Dali city, the ancient architecture and cozy lifestyle have created a life-like habit of the locals. The tradition and openness of the blend creates a unique breakfast flavor.

Po Su (Broken Crisp) is a unique pasta cooking method in Yungui area. Xizhou Crisp is one of the most proud foods of the local people.

Sweet, salty, adding meat and egg, different flavors have various tastes.

Du Fangming, who has been a crispy cake cook for 17 years, has dreamed of traveling around, but making the crispy cake on the street has become the reason why he can’t live without his hometown.

The ancient city of Dali is a place where many ethnic groups gather. There are more than 30 kinds of breakfast here. The love of rice foods here is fully reflected in breakfast.

The most special of these breakfasts is the Laoshan Huoba (pā) meat noodle. The Huoba meat refers to the state in which the meat is boiled and very soft.

With a history of 1,300 years, Huoba meat needs more than 12 months of foreleg meat to be roasted with charcoal fire to reduce excess oil, and the fire and time of cooking are only known to the experienced producers.

Long Stick Noodle

In the ancient city of Dali, one long and continuous stick noodle symbolizes the longevity and reunion

Old people and children would eat a bowl of long stick noodle for their birthdays.

Even if there is already machine production, the owner Yang Lan still insists on making it by hand.

Er Si Thread Noodle

Tengchong is the birthplace of Yunnan Er Si thread noodle. The Er Si thread noodle is the noodle made from rice, but it is more delicate and sweet than the ordinary rice noodles.

The Er Si thread noodle has different names depending on the method of cooking. The Er Si thread noodle that is cooked with the broth is called “large processing”.

Stir-fry thread noodle is called ‘Great Rescue’

Hot-pot Er Si thread noodle

In either case, the raw material of the Er Si Thread noodle is the key to the delicate taste.

In China, the most grand festival is the Spring Festival. The colorful “years of folklore” is an indelible memory in every Chinese mind. The Spring Festival is commonly known as the “New Year”, formerly known as “Yuan Dan”, the meaning of “Yuan” is “head”, and later referred to as “beginning” because this day is the first day of the year.

Door-Opening Firecracker

On the morning of the Chinese New Year’s Day, the door was opened. Traditionally, firecrackers were first placed, called “opening the cannon.” After the sound of firecrackers, the red is full of land, and if it is brocade, it is called “full house red.” At this time, the streets are full of enthusiasm and joy.

firecracker - Chinesewishes

It is said that the sooner the “opening the cannon” is put, the better, symbolizing that what will be done in the same year will be smooth, wishful, and rich, and the peasants will have a good harvest.

At present, it is still popular in some rural areas of China. However, due to the consideration of environmental protection and other factors in many places, especially some large cities, fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in certain areas. People are becoming more and more environmentally friendly during the Chinese New Year, and the old customs themselves are constantly changing.

Wish Happy Chinese New Year

New Year’s greetings are a traditional custom of our people. It is a way for people to resign and welcome new ideas and express their best wishes. Usually, on the first day of the year, the parents lead the juniors to go out to see relatives, friends, and elders, and wish the other party a happy new year in auspicious language. The younger must bow to the elder for the ceremony and that is called ‘wish you happy in the New Year.’

New Year’s greetings generally start in the family. On the morning of the first day, after the younger generation gets up, they must first celebrate the New Year and bless the elders for their longevity and good luck. After the elders are worshipped, they must distribute the “lucky money” prepared in advance to the younger generation.

After wishing the happy new year for the elders in the family, when people meet out, they must also smile and congratulate each others for the New Year. They will celebrate each other with auspicious words such as “Congratulations for Fortune”, Lucky in The Four Seasons” and “Happy New Year”, and neighbors or relatives will also visit each other. Or invite to drink and entertain.

As the times change, the customs of the New Year are becoming more and more simple. The greeting words have also become a “new year!” “Good New Year!” Although the language and form have changed, the blessing has not changed.

Broom’s ‘Birthday’

Legend has it that the New Year’s Day is the birthday of the broom. This day, you can’t move the broom. Otherwise, you will sweep away your luck and break the money, and bring the “sweeping star” to attract bad luck.

After sweeping away the house on New Year’s Eve, the broom will not be moved on the first day of the year, and the garbage will not be dumped. If it is necessary to sweep the floor, it must be swept from the outside. Prepare a large bucket to keep the waste water, but it will be splashed on the same day. This custom has remained to this place.

In the New Year, it is not necessary to break up porcelains such as cups and bowls. If it is broken, it is a sign of bankruptcy. You must quickly say “years old (broken) years old and peaceful” or “landing flowers, rich and glory”.

1. Mirror Should Not Be Facing The Bed

Any side of the bed with a mirror facing is unfavorable. In addition to affecting health and marital relations, it can affect wealth, children and so on. Especially at the end of the bed, you can’t hang the mirror. Because this mirror is like a “lighting mirror”, it will make people in the room emotionally upset. To install a mirror in your bedroom, it is best to be in a more concealed position.

2. The Front side of Bed Should Not Be Close to The Stove

If the bedroom is attached to the kitchen, the bed should not be placed close to the stove. Because the kitchen is a “fire”, it is easy to make people sick or nervous and angry.

3. Beds Avoid Being under The Beams

Beds should not be placed under the wall cabinet, beams or hanging lighting. Failure to do so may result in diseases such as headaches, joint pain, or impaired reputation.

4. The Bedhead Should Not Be Facing The Door

If the bed is facing the front door or the door of the bedroom, Feng Shui is called “door rush”, which makes people sleepy and easy to have nightmares or hallucinations.

5. The Light in The Bedroom Should Be Soft

If the light in the bedroom is too strong, it is easy for people to have a bad temper; if the light is too dark, it is easy to bring about melancholy emotions.

6. Avoid Gaps after The Bedhead

The bed should be close to the wall or the real thing, there must be no gaps, and the feng shui calls this as “backing.” Otherwise, it is easy to produce illusions, pessimism, and serious people may lead to schizophrenia.

7. Suite’s Bathroom Door Should Be Often Closed

In a suite-style bedroom, the toilet door should be often closed or covered with a screen. Otherwise, the couple will be prone to extramarital affairs, which is called “flooding peach blossom” in the wind and water, or lead to financial loss.

Don’t Let Wallet Leak Your Wealth Fortune

1. The texture of your wallet had better be in accordance with your numerology.

2. Try to avoid round or irregular shape wallets.

3. Had better choose buckle type wallets, not choose zipper type purse, otherwise it will lost the luck of your wealth.

4. The wallet color should match your numerology and avoid wallets that are not suitable for your numerology color.

5. Your wallet can not be used by others at will.

6. The wallet cannot be arbitrarily placed on the shoe cabinet, otherwise the probability of losing money is high.

Learn Keeping Money before Gather Money

1. Avoid spending money casually, or it will be difficult to gather fortune.

2. Don’t put money everywhere. You should know that if fortune luck was dispersed, you would not be able to gather money.

3. The place you store your wealth should be stable.

4. Liquidity and long-term assets should be placed separately.

5. Be respectful of money, don’t throw away damaged coins, and the too casual attitude to money will hurt your fortune luck.

 The Important Living Room Feng-Shui

1. It is best to avoid that guests could see all the rooms’ doors from the living room, in addition to poor privacy, it will give a feeling of opening and can’t keep your fortune.

2. The dining table had better not face the main entrance.

3. The the ceiling should have grooves forming Fengshui pool.

4. The center of the ceiling is best to hang a crystal lamp, which is conducive to gathering energy.

5. If lack of sunlight in the living room, put some fluorescent lamps hidden in the the wood grooves of ceiling to make up lights.

Feng-Shui on Shoes

1. Do not wear bizarre shoes.

2. Shoe cabinet’s height cannot exceed your shoulder.

3. The tip of the shoe must be inward when putting into shoe cabinet.

4. Do not wear old shoes or used shoes, because shoes symbolize your marriage and career.

5. Shoes should not wear for too long time.

6. When the shoelace breaks, it must be replaced immediately. Change the shoelace to the same color.

Bedroom Feng-Shui Five Taboos

1. Excessive electrical appliances, especially televisions are at the foot of the bed. The foot is the person’s second heart, and its radiation is more likely to affect the meridian operation and blood circulation of the feet.

2. The door of the bedroom room toilet does not face the bed. The Fengshui theory believes that the five elements of the toilet are water, and the “Yin Gas” is heavy, which easily causes kidney disease and kidney discomfort.

3. The window is large, east-facing or west-facing. Violent sunlight can lead to excessive light in the bedroom.

4. If the ceiling just above the bed is equipped with a chandelier, it would gather “Sha Qi” (Evil Gas) which will hurt your luck and fortune.

Humanity is the master of the earth, the essence of the universe, and the eternal life of all things. Everything we have studied includes modern feng shui. It is for people. It is all for mankind. It makes mankind live a healthier, better and more comfortable life on this planet.

However, human beings are influenced by various factors and information and energy in the Earth and the universe. To study the laws of these energy and information effects on human life, and to find out methods for gaining benefits, avoiding harm, and avoiding evils, we must study the law of the human body’s study of human life information.

The human body is the most advanced organic living body composed of various chemical elements. The human body itself constantly produces a variety of information and energy; these information energy must be coordinated with the natural world’s information and energy in order to achieve a harmonious resonance effect. Good survival and development.

The traditional feng shui theory holds that each individual’s life individual has its own different “lifestyle.” Explained using the words of human informatics: Every human body has its own different life information, energy, and different combinations. These different “lifestyles” or different life information energy states are connected and exchanged with different points and different natural energy information, which will produce different positive and negative effects. These are the objects that the Human Life Informatics and Feng Shui Division should study.

One of the connotations and missions of modern feng shui is to combine feng shui technique with modern human life informatics, so as to explore how to bi-directionally regulate various kinds of human life information and natural information at different points in order to synchronize information between the two. Correspondence, to optimize the combination of the two to facilitate people’s physical and mental health, family harmony and career development.

In fact, medicine is also a way to adjust the harmony between human information and natural information. Traditional Chinese medicine is an energy carrier that is directly derived from nature’s different information. Western medicine is also indirectly derived from nature. Some mineral mineral water can be directly used for the treatment of human diseases. Symptomatic medication is the adjustment and exchange of appropriate natural information energy with human energy and information in order to produce a harmonious and healthy effect on the human body.

There are five organs and six skeletons, and there are five elements of yin and yang. Five organs, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, five elements gold, wood, water, fire, soil, the two should correspond to each other. If people’s five internal organs and the five elements of the earth are out of balance, diseases will occur and health problems will arise. All things are done with appropriate natural information to adjust the body’s vital information so that it is harmonious and healthy.

If we say that medicine starts with the adjustment of human life information to adapt to natural information, then adjusting architectural feng shui starts with adjusting natural information to facilitate the operation of human life information. Some energy information generated by the orientation, pattern, material, and color of some buildings will interfere with and damage human health, mentality, thinking, and emotions, and it will naturally harm his business and even his family. This type of building must undergo feng shui adjustments to transform its feng shui information.

Each human body’s vital information group is a small universe, which is influenced not only by the natural energy of the surrounding objects and human information, but also affects the information of people or things around them. For example, humans with viral information may have adverse effects on the surrounding healthy human body. And some of the more powerful life information bodies can also have positive effects on people and things around them. For example, qigong masters who have attained cultivation can make a benign adjustment to the surrounding human body and even certain natural information through various information transmission methods.

Feng-Shui (Geomantic Omen) Problems that Should Pay Attention to in Life

1. The living room should not be dark, or it would be unfavorable in your wealth.

2. The floor should not be uneven, otherwise the fortune will be bumpy.

3. Fish tank should not be too large.

4. The living room is not suitable for hanging beasts drawing, such as dragons, tigers, leopards, eagles, foxes, bears, etc. Easily impaired health fortune of family members.

5. Fake flowers should not be placed in the house, because  it could affect your love,marriage and wealth.

6. The head of bed should not be fitted with mirror or right in front of mirror, otherwise your health fortune would be hurt.

Fish Culture Feng-shui Gives You More Fortune

1. The total number of fish purchased must be singular.

2. There must be a dark black fish in a tank to stabilize the money fortune.

3. The number of fish is recommended to raise seven.

4. If the fish tank is against the wall, pictures such as waterfalls and the sea can be hung on the wall. Symbolizes financial resources like the sea.

5. The fish tank must be placed in a dark place away from direct sunlight.

Taboos in The Bedroom

1. Bedside is too close to the window, it will easily lead to extramarital affairs, and it will lead to more dreams affecting sleep.

2. Flowers should not be put beside bedside, easy to have an affair, detrimental to marital relations.

3. Indoor plants should use large leaves, broad-leaved species, should not use lobular, small flowers and grass, which means that trivial things will affect the feelings.

Auto Vehicle Evades Accidents

1. Traffic accidents are caused by the “Gold” and “Wood” war (Two of The Five Elements ). Therefore, there must not be too much metal or wood objects in the car.

2. It is water that can break the “Gold” and “Wood” battle! Therefore, the water, and blue objects of the water elements should be placed in the car.

Feng-shui Hidden Trouble Damaged Your Fortune

1. Garbage in front of the door. Garbage at the entrance is also a lose-wealth layout.

2. The shoes are randomly placed – easily leading to respiratory tract infections. The soles are stained with a myriad of bacteria. If they are placed everywhere at home, it is equal to bringing the bacteria into the rooms.

3. The air does not circulate – causing emotional problems and respiratory infections.

4. The hearth is always not clean – leading to stomach disease.

5. Piling up sundries under the bed – affecting sleep.

There would always be one of food streets that you would love in Chengdu. I can think of the touch words, probably “I want to be with you and eat all over Chengdu!”

If you are a food lover, then Chengdu will definitely satisfy you.

From to civilian cuisine to five-star dishes, you can find the many kinds of unforgettable foods in the Chengdu‘s streets and alleys.

Very sorry we do not know how to translate the names of the dishes.

Chengdu food 28 - ChineseWishes
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Chengdu food 30 - ChineseWishes
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