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Yummy Sauce Cake

Sauce Cake - ChineseWishes

Ingredients: Appropriate amount of cooking oil, star anise, pepper 10, seafood sauce 10g, sweet noodle sauce 10g, garlic, chili sauce 10g, ordinary flour 300g, warm water 200g, amount of pepper powder, amount of cooked sesame seeds, green onion flower amount, Pixian bean paste 10g, wolfberry 1 tsp flour, 2 tsp cooked sesame flour, half spoon for sugar.

Sauce Cake 1 - ChineseWishes

1. Put the flour in the pot, add warm water, stir with chopsticks, and then knead the dough and leave it for half an hour.

Sauce Cake 2 - ChineseWishes

2. Minxian bean paste chopped, seafood sauce, sweet sauce, garlic sauce.

Sauce Cake 3 - ChineseWishes

3. Put the oil in the wok, a small fire, add the dried octagonal and peppercorns, remove the fragrant, and leave the oil. Pour in the cut Pixian bean paste and fry the red oil, add seafood sauce, sweet bean paste, and garlic sauce. Add half a bowl of water, sugar, cumin powder, and cooked sesame powder to boil and stir fry. Turn off the heat and the sauce is ready.

Sauce Cake 4 - ChineseWishes

4. The good dough is divided into two portions. If you like to eat very thin, you can also divide it into three portions. Make a thin film, brush a layer of oil, sprinkle with pepper powder, and pour the appropriate amount of oil.

Sauce Cake 5 - ChineseWishes

5. Cut into nine squares, take care not to cut off.

Sauce Cake 6 - ChineseWishes

6.  Press one on another, and fold together.

Sauce Cake 7 - ChineseWishes

7. Stacked into a small square and pinched around.

Sauce Cake 8 - ChineseWishes

8. Press it and shape into a circle.

Sauce Cake 10 - ChineseWishes

9. Preheat the electric baking pan, pour in the proper amount of oil, and put the cake into the iron until both sides are golden. Brush a layer of sauce, sprinkle with white sesame and chopped green onion.

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